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You've Published a Blog Post... Now What?

You've worked hard on a content driven, eye-catching blog post for your business... You hit "publish" to get it live on your site... Now what? You spend all this time researching, brainstorming and creating this blog post which lets be honest, takes up waaaay more time than your normal social media content you create... You hit the publish button on your website and then you, do what? Wait for engagement to happen on its own?! WRONG!

I've put together a list of content based strategies for further promotion and ways to generate buzz and repurpose your blog posts to GET THE MOST out of each one! So, let's get started...

1. Post the link to your social media channels: Create a "call to action" based on your post that engages and entices your audience to want to read the entire blog post, and be sure to post it to your Facebook business page.

2. Break down your blog post into several individual content posts for social media: If your blog contains multiple tips/tricks or training modules, use that to your advantage and create a series of social media posts over the course of 2-3 days or weeks if possible. Be sure that throughout these (individual) social media posts, you're linking to blog post to drive up traffic to your website!

3. Create a Facebook/Instagram story for your blog post: Create story slides with various content to engage your audience: for example, creating a story slide to announce your "new post" up on the site, or for various content tips and the "call to action" for why they need to read your post. You'd be surprised how many more people you can reach with your "stories" on social media!

4. Record your content from the blog post for YouTube, Instagram (IG TV) and a Facebook video: Break the content down into several points and dive deeper into those points during your recording of the material.

5. Go LIVE on Facebook with a FB Live Q&A: Just like you would record yourself in the above tip, but with this feature you're doing the discussion LIVE with your Facebook audience. This give the opportunity for "live" discussions, where you can respond to the audience questions, and be sure to ask them questions (to post responses in the comments section throughout your presentation) to keep them engaged!

6. Share your blog post in Facebook group pages: Post a link in various group pages you're involved with, as a way to network in the page. As always, use caution and etiquette when posting inside a group page - You don't want to appear spammy! Ask the moderator for permission, or post when the page asks for information regarding your blog topic/services.

7. Create a LinkedIn article from your blog post: Edit and prepare a LinkedIn version of your blog post, to share specifically as a LinkedIn article. Add more audience driven content where necessary, as LinkedIn is used for more professional values not so much for selling your services/products.

An insider's tip for you... I like to create a "running list" on a word document or spreadsheet, where I write down several different content ideas from previous blog posts I've written and content I've shared. Then, I use this list periodically throughout the upcoming weeks/months to generate new "buzz" and new content from this master list.

The list of tips above can provide you with a couple days and weeks of content on social media, that doesn't need to be and shouldn't be done all in one day, or three days for that matter! ...Spread the content out!

Remember, for each blog post the idea is to create traction to your website. To engage your audience and drive-up business. This is your time to shine and showcase your level expertise! Get the "most" out of each blog post with these steps and you will be amazed at how much MORE you can do with it!

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