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Today, it's All About the Social Media Connections... Are You Ready?

“Social media is about CONNECTING with people, not about collecting people”

Yes, guys... THIS! This is the secret to your online success, right here... My philosophy, think of it as building a “community” around you and your business!

1. Your social media DOES matter. It does, plain and simple. Those canned posts and generic images aren’t helping. Stop doing that, now, and start creating your OWN MATERIAL!

2. Your online community should be more about building connections and less about “selling” — Share what you do/or sell with personal posts, behind the scenes material, showcasing the “personal side” not just a strictly business side.

3. Having a presence online matters more to your future growth, now more than ever. Use your social media platform to build those connections with the often times silent fans, because when they’re faced with a “need” for your service or what you sell, who do you think they’ll choose? I’ll tell you... The business that’s been posting content consistently, the business that’s built a relationship, a foundation and a CONNECTION.

***Side note: I’ll admit that I’m ‘that’ consumer, the one who has looked up a provider FIRST before calling to schedule. I look at their online presence, I analyze the businesses reviews and their website (or lack of a presence online, in some cases) — I make a judgment on who this business is, before choosing them, and I’d cancel going somewhere I don’t feel a connection to, ALL based off of social media... AND I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE.

4. Evaluate the content you're posting regularly: Evaluate what's working, what's not, and what time(s) are best for posting. It's critical in your online engagement success and ultimately, for the growth of your social media followers later on. For example: Maybe you notice that a "type" of post is getting more engagement, like a video post or a team feature post... KEEP DOING IT. Find ways to elevate your own content, with the posts that DO WORK and do those "types" often.

5. REMEMBER... it's important to stay on "brand" with your message, no matter what! Don't share or copy another businesses material, especially if it isn't "on brand" for you and what your companies message stands for. Don't try to do what someone else is doing, if it doesn't seem authentic to you and your business... Evaluate what others are doing, and let it inspire you, but ultimately you need to create content that authentically speaks to your audience. Which ultimately drives up your engagement and increases your brand awareness.

6. Lastly, it's important to know when it's time to bring in the "big guns" ...the marketing specialists, when your efforts alone aren't helping you achieve the goals you want and the business growth you need... And I'm not just saying that, to give myself a plug. It's true.

If your business has grown to the point where you can no longer EFFECTIVELY manage the needs for the marketing in-house, message me!

Maybe you're in the situation where you've started a new business, everything else is on your plate, you see the need for marketing but don't have the bandwidth to run it alone, message me!

I can only speak for myself, my philosophies, and my marketing services, but there are options out there for ALL needs within the business, like: Social Media Management, Virtual Marketing Assisting and I do offer marketing training to you/your team, to eventually get you managing the marketing effectively (with the proper training and my support)

Let's chat and we can discuss all options, your business goals and needs, during YOUR free initial business assessment call!

Cheers to building YOUR online community!


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