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Adapting to Covid-19 as Business Owners

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

The news is swirling right now, with more and more about the virus that is sweeping the nation. As business owners, healthcare providers, restaurant/shop owners, entrepreneurs and the employees that work for these businesses, you're most likely feeling... nervousness, uncertainty, panic perhaps... aka _____ (fill in the blank) am I right?

Regardless the emotion(s) you're feeling at this moment, it is undoubtedly followed up with the statement... "Can my business survive this?" "How do I keep sales up, new patients walking in my door and revenue coming in?"

Well folks, it's time to adapt! It's time to not only think "outside the box" BUT GET OUTSIDE THE BOX! You need to be one step ahead, fast acting and innovative with your NEW #businessstrategies - I've put together some key tips to spark your innovations, spark your creativity and get you moving in the direction the world is moving in... And that's business online if you want to survive.

1. If you're not online, it's time to create and transfer as much business and promotion online:

I like to think of this time right now, as an opportunity to jump start those marketing goals (you have, but haven't had time to get to) Like, creating yourself a business page on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. If you're not there, it's time to get there. The world is quickly transitioning to remote work for their employees, there wont be as much foot traffic into your shop as there once was on a Wednesday afternoon, like in previous months.

Your customers has been forced to move to primarily online interactions with their work, their lifestyles and their spending... Take it from me, get on there!

2. Once online - Focus on new, innovative ways to attract business:

Can you move your business to the online marketplace's?

With most businesses being forced to work remotely, think... Can you, too? How? Game plan. Get creative and involve your team in the creative process. Run Facebook promotions, offer discounts and incentives to keep spending.

Are you a wine shop or restaurant owner? Get creative with your messaging... I've seen some pretty clever and funny puns for "survive the virus, we've got wine" slogans going around. Of course, we are in no way wanting to "make light" of the seriousness, but why not make your customers laugh and attract sales with a catchy graphic and message!

3. If you haven't already - Post a reassuring message on your social media channels:

This is vital for businesses that will remain open -- Unless further mandates require the closures of healthcare provider offices (Dentists/Doctors, Chiropractors, etc.) or a bakery/restaurant and gym, your business is STILL OPEN!

Your message should clearly state that you are in fact open and taking the precautionary measures to ensure safety first, but will do your best to serve the public for as long as possible. BUT you are open!

Ideas for your post: Innovate the business sales, to offer delivery of your products, if possible at no charge. Offer virtual appointments. If you are a restaurant/food shop owner, maybe you focus your marketing to promote delivery of products, like cupcake delivery at no charge for birthday parties, or food for fun activities to do at home with kids...

"Corona virus won't take away our birthday celebrations, we're open and can delivery your orders!"

"Everyone, everywhere deserves cake on their birthday, even if Corona virus is permitting you from celebrating at our restaurant. We will be bring the food to you!"

"Don't feel like cooking, no problem! Orders to go so you aren't in the public! Our food travels"

"Stuck inside with idle hands, that aren't in school today? Purchase our cookie treats to do at home with kids!"

You see the trend here... Your GOAL is to promote your business in any fashion that might spark interest of the newly adapting consumers that are forced to avoid being out in the public. It's possible to still make those sales, you've just got to get creative!

4. If nothing else, keep your social media active:

That's right, stay active online. Post your custom content, share tips for "survival" or care at home, during these closures. Get active in Facebook groups, on LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Maybe more time away from the normal day-to-day business operations has allowed you/your team to focus on the digital marketing needs. Get creative with your content (like above in tip #3) and keep your audience engaged.

This too shall pass. Just like the housing crash years ago, we too, shall find a way to adapt. Life will get back to normal (or a new normal at some point) - Let's stick together! It's about community right now and serving your patients, your clients, and your customers when everything else and everyone else is in a panic... You aren't. You're their support system, the constant that will remain.

If these tips don't directly apply to your business, I hope they at the very least "sparked" your creativity to be innovative in these times.

If you're still stuck... Not sure where to go, what to do and/or maybe you don't have the resources to get your business online, please reach out. I offer one-on-one marketing consulting and the good news is... It's remote!

With my consulting support, you/your team and your business will get customized, 24/7 BUSINESS COACHING as I guide you now, and as things continue to change course, as I'm sure things will.

Here's to hope for a better tomorrow. Stay healthy, stay positive and lean into your community for support. #marketingcommunity #bellamediamarketing


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