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Get the Most Out of Social Media with These Simple Steps

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

We live in the land of social media, and if your business isn't using these free social media channels to gain new clients, more followers and connect with your consumers, then it's time to get on board. I've put together some basic steps to make your social media work harder for you...

1. Set your goals and intentions for growth: Put your goals on paper, create a "vision board" and metrics to measure these goals throughout the year. The biggest issue I see with my clients is having good goals, but no follow-through. I recommend setting goals, setting point-person(s) and metrics to encourage proper follow-through and to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

2. Have a plan: After putting your goals down on paper, next figure out the steps needed to get there. Did you want to reach more customers on social media? Post more social media content and be consistent with your posts? The plan - who on your team will be responsible for these tasks? Outline details as to what social media channels and how often posts are expected. Lastly, game-plan some content ideas as a group and come up with a master list that you can "grab and go" ideas from throughout the year!

3. Be consistent: The best recommendation I can give to those wanting to increase their reach on social media is to be consistent! This is huge! Post content regularly (daily is a great goal or maybe 4-5x/week is more doable for you) BUT you need to be consistent. Content can be anything from what you do, who you are, what you do in the community and office/team fun or what you do outside of your business, and finally some sales type posts mixed in. This does not, and should not be all about sales - you're building a community based around your business, you want connections and consumers that want to engage with you and your content.

Have goals for your social media and need help getting there in 2020? Reach out to Bella Media for a FREE business evaluation to get started! We offer full management packages and Virtual Marketing Assistants and much more at: www.bellamediamarketing.com

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